The Face of America Project

Tony-KitchSk200-copy.jpgToday I met Tony & Kitch Mussari. That’s them on the left. Tony & Kitch are the principals behind something called The Face of America Project. If you’ve never heard of The Face of America Project, don’t be embarrassed. I had never heard of it before today either. But after today, I’m a fan of The Face of America Project.

The purpose of the project is to honor and remember those who sacrificed on that tragic day: September 11, 2001. Tony & Kitch are creating a living memorial by traveling the country and asking people to reflect on that day and to tell them what it means to be an American. It’s a great question. It’s one we probably don’t spend enough time on in a normal day.

I met Tony & Kitch because they were in the Twin Cities today making a stop on their cross-country trip. They wanted to stop and see us in Eden Prairie because they wanted to see Money magazine’s Best Place to Live in America. After all, they were in the neighborhood.

They interviewed members of city staff as part of their project and presented us with their official remembrance flag, which we already have up in one of our City Hall display cases for public viewing. I will be sharing it with the City Council at tonight’s City Council meeting and here’s a picture from the flag presentation. With me are Police Chief Rob Reynolds, Fire Chief George Esbensen and Mr. Mussari.

Thanks for stopping by today Tony & Kitch. Please accept our best wishes on your project. I can’t wait to see it.

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