Time To Declare

If you’re interested in serving your fellow citizens as a member of the Eden Prairie City Council, it’s time to declare that interest publicly. Three of the five seats on the City Council are up for election this year: the Mayor’s seat and two Council seats.

Of the three incumbents, Mayor Phil Young has announced that he will not seek reelection. Council Member Jon Duckstad has officially filed the necessary paperwork to run for Mayor. Council Member Kathy Nelson has officially filed the necessary paperwork to run for the reelection to the Council. Former Mayor Nancy Tyra-Lukens has filed her official paperwork to run for Mayor. Former Council Member Sherry Butcher-Wickstrom has filed to run for a spot on the City Council, as has resident Donna Azarian.

The position of Mayor is a specific elected position. The candidates for Mayor are running against the other candidates running for Mayor. For City Council, however, it’s not that simple. There are two positions open on the Council. The top two vote-getters win those positions. It doesn’t matter if there are 3 or 13 or 23 candidates. The top two win. So you’re not really running against any one particular candidate when you’re running for the Council. You’re running against the entire field, regardless of how large that field is.

Our City elected positions are non-partisan, at-large positions. Candidates can certainly run as a Republican or as a DFL candidate, but you will not see any political party nomenclature on the ballot for City Council positions. Also, candidates may run as the “candidate for south Eden Prairie”, but there are not geographic boundaries or districts or wards for City elected officials. City Council Members represent everyone in the community equally.

The period during which one can officially express interest to be listed on the ballot this fall for City Council positions opened on August 3 and runs through the end of business on August 17 – one week from today. After that, it’s certainly possible to run for City Council as a write-in candidate, but it’ll be too late to be included on the ballot itself.

If you’re interested, it’s time to declare.

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