Good Stuff from (Really) Good Staff

One of my favorite things about this blog is that I get to bring attention to the excellence among the employees that I see all around me here everyday. Here are three good examples:

Karen-Zach-150x127.jpgThat woman with the handgun (which is actually a training weapon that shoots sim-u-nition instead of ammunition) is our Human Resources Manager Karen Kurt. Karen was learning the finer points of police officer physical training when someone with a camera captured this very nice photo of her. But if you’d like to learn more about Karen’s work as our HR Manager, check out this link to an interview she did with Local Government Hiring. Good stuff Karen.

ryan-with-award1-300x167.jpgThat’s Crime Analyst Ryan Kapuan in the middle of the photo to the left. Ryan was recently selected as Minnesota’s Analyst of the Year by the Minnesota Association of Criminal Intelligence Analysts (MACIA). Ryan has worked in our Police Department since 2008. During his tenure has helped to solve crimes through his research and analysis. In one recent case Ryan helped solved a home invasion burglary and stabbing by linking limited information provided by the victim with information he had gathered through other sources. He then developed a list of potential suspect names and shared that list with neighboring agencies. Within 24 hours three suspects were arrested. Ryan is a very bright guy, and we’re fortunate to have him on our team.

Andrew Open House Util.JPGAnd last, but certainly not least, is Andrew Sullivan. I’ve written about Andrew in this blog a couple of times. He’s an interesting guy. I’ve included a link to an e-magazine that I’m betting not many of my blog readers read: Municipal Sewer & Water. Municipal Sewer & Water has a great interview with Andrew in their October 2010 edition, which is on shelves (?) now, in which Andrew discusses his work in bringing attention to the importance of maintaining our underground water and sewer infrastructure. Andrew makes a compelling argument on a subject matter that not enough people care about – yet. It’s really great to see co-workers contribute back to their professions. It’s a good comment on them personally, and about the professional atmosphere we work in here. Nice job Andrew!

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