XFINITY is “more of everything you want,” according to Comcast. XFINITY is a new service platform from Comcast which will enable them to sell you not only more cable television services, but also sell you home telephone and broadband Internet access services as well. I guess that’s about everything I want, except I don’t want the new digital cable tv converter box that Comcast says I have to have. From the calls we’ve been getting here at City Hall on this issue, I can promise you it’s not just me who feels like that.

For the record, Comcast will tell you that the converter box issue is not directly connected to the XFINITY “opportunity” they are offering. But the truth is, they need one to do the other. And, while Comcast will give you one or two of the converter boxes at no cost, they’ll charge you a monthly fee if you want/need more boxes than that. Maybe they’ll back down on the monthly charge thing sometime in the future, but probably not unless they sense a significant ruckus among their customer base — which is normally fairly compliant (present company included).

As I said, we’ve been getting a number of calls and emails about the XFINITY/digital convertor box issue. But, and I hate the sound of what I’m about to say, there’s isn’t much we can do about it as a city government. The digital converter issue is beyond the scope of what we have the authority to regulate as a city.

We can, and have, let Comcast know the feedback we’re receiving. Comcast can, although they don’t have to, ignore that feedback. Or, they can adjust their business plan in response to the feedback. They are a private company in a competitive market. They’ll do what they think is best for them……I mean you.

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