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Since my days of doing this blog are starting to wind down, I thought that I’d trot out one of my readers’ tried and true favorites: actual reader feedback. Here’s a random mixture of it, with names and other identifying info redacted:

Subject: Mobile Phone Towers in Eden Prairie

My wife and I recently moved to Eden Prairie. We did not sign up for home

phone service as we both have cell phones and we live in an area of

relatively dense population. Easy way to save $30/month. Imagine my surprise

when I found that my cell phone barely gets reception in my house.

25% of homes in the US have a cellphone but no landlines and that number is

only increasing.

Subject: Urban Chickens

I read your blog post regarding chickens. You mentioned the “sight, sound,

and smell” of chickens. Before you make any decisions, I would go visit

someone who raises chickens on their property. I myself have had as many as

5 adult hens and haven’t had any complaints. Why? Because they don’t smell

and they don’t make noise other than a little cackling in the later morning.

Their are a lot of misconceptions about chickens. One is that they smell

terribly. But if you check it out yourself, a free range chicken will roam

an entire fenced yard and of course poop wherever it needs or wants. But

that scat is usually very watery and either washes away with a good rain or

a hose. And it makes excellent fertilizer. But it doesn’t stink. Of course

you could run into the occasional homeowner who keeps 20 chickens and never

cleans, etc. They probably also have an old washer and dryer on the front

porch as well. Anyway, please also consider this: is it OK to allow people

to have the “sight, sound, and smell” of dogs on their property but not

chickens? Consider how loud dogs are (there are 8 dogs living within the 5

properties adjacent to my home. They make far more noise than my hens. Also,

I have never heard of anyone needing stitches or rabies shots, or being

mauled by a chicken. I just had a grad party for my daughter in my backyard

and had near 200 people throughout the day see my hens and they all seemed

to love them. I’m sure some felt it was weird to house what is really a farm

animal, but it was probably really weird long ago when people started

inviting dogs into their homes. Thanks for listening!

Subject: Loves The Blog

I’ll confess to being a reluctant resident of Eden Prairie who’s pretty

much chomping at the bit to move back to Minneapolis. So I generally don’t

get too involved in the ongoings of the City of EP, except to be informed

enough to vote. I pride myself, however, on being a reasonably engaged and informed

citizen, and this blog of yours has proven to be fascinating. I periodically

post items you’ve blogged about on my own website and always present this

site as an excellent and probably representative sample of what exactly goes

on in the suburbs and also a superb example of a city and a city official

Doing it Right. So, keep up the good work. And thank you.

Subject: Concerned About Bugs
I have found an emerald ashborer (verified by my insect-savvy son) in my

yard today. I have the specimen kept in a ziploc bag. Is the city interested

to verify this specimen?

Subject: Interested in Walmart Streetscape

How much money has Wal-mart put into this future fund? Is your city a rare

case or something that Wal-mart is doing to improve its community image

around the country. Thank you for your time.

Subject: Permission to Plagiarize
I’m doing a records management clean out contest at my site and i came

across your “Play Keep or Toss” image. I thought it was pretty slick and we

would like to use it to make the contest catchy. Would we be able to use

it? I realize you are probably pretty busy, but the contest is coming up

soon and we need to get rolling on the marketing so this is time-sensitive.

Thanks so much and great job on the graphic! I can be reached by email or

my direct line is xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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