Wychavon to Bristol to Kingston

It�s Tuesday in the UK. It�s probably Tuesday in the US too. I�m writing this on the train from Bristol to London�s Paddington train station. When we reach Paddington, we will change trains and complete today�s journey into Kingston-upon-Thames. We�re rescheduled to meet with Kingston City Councillor Mary Reid and Mr. Roy Taylor who is the Director for their City�s Communnity Services operations. Councillor Reid is a prolific blogger. She had very nice things to say about Griff and me. That’s good. Oh, Roy is a blogger as well.

But back to Bristol for a moment.

We took the train down to Bristol this morning from Worchester. We gave a presentation last night to the Wychavon (pronounced �witch-avon�) District Council. There were twenty or so in attendance. A good mix of elected officials and staff members. They received our presentation warmly and were very interested in all aspects of having a weblog.

As I have in other Cities, I presented a Key to the City of Eden Prairie to Wychavon Board Chair Dave Noyes on behalf of the Mayor and City Council of Eden Prairie. It�s a gesture here that is quite appreciated.

But now let�s get back to Bristol.

It is a very historic nautical city. It reminded me somewhat of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There were many public monuments and statutes dedicated to significant Bristolians throughout the centuries.

Bristol is a city of 450,000. It has a City Council of 70 members. The Council has a Labor Party majority at the moment. Here�s a photo of their City Council Chambers. It was large room and awe inspiring in its history.

We met in Bristol with Mr. Stephen Hilton and Ms. Carol Hayward of the corporate communication department for the City of Bristol. Mr. Hilton has been taking part in the national ReadMyDay project. That�s how we connected with him. I’ll get a photo of them up later, but for now, here’s a shot of their historic City Hall, called College Green:

Mr. Hilton introduced us to City Councillor Claire Cook.

Councillor Cook is a Labor Party Councillor and part of the Labor Leadership of the City Council. She champions issues related to youth. She is interested in starting a weblog, but had many questions and concerns that she wanted to speak with us about. We met with her for about an hour before it was time to shove off for the train to London.

And now that all from Bristol.

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