Opening Day at the SMPSTF

Yesterday was opening day at the new South Metro Public Safety Training Facility. This is a photo of a color guard representing the four member organizations (the cities of Edina, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and the Metropolitan Airport Police) raising the flag for the first time over the new facility.

The facility is the result of a successful partnership between the four partner organizations. It has been almost a decade in the making. With this facility, we believe we will have the best trained police and fire employees in our state. The facility includes two shooting ranges, a training room for police defensive tactics, offices and classrooms, and an extensive outdoor training area for firefighters to work on “live burns”.

As part of the opening day festivities, some of the civilian guests had the oppotunity to shoot in the new shooting range. Above is a picture of me shooting an MP5. Below is a pciture of me shooting an M-16.


Do I look a little uncomfortable with a weapon? Yes, I was. I don’t have much experience with guns.

But I’d do it again

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